Haynes LTE: Maine Legislature needs to Override Mills Veto of LD194

Daily Bulldog Recently, I received an email from Congresswoman Chellie Pingree about Maine’s beloved Acadia National Park and her work to improve and enhance it. Acadia is a wonderful place- no question about it, but I would ask that she (and the rest of the federal delegation) turn their attention to the decimation proposed and supported by Governor Mills in regards to the CMP corridor through the largest uninterrupted forest east of the Mississippi. Continue reading

Washburn LTE: Legislators should back Mainers on power corridor

Lewiston Sun Journal I live in Durham, a peaceful town, with the space to do what most here love: fishing, hunting and hiking, amongst many other adventurous, outdoor activities. The majority of Mainers unabashedly don’t want the CMP corridor. Yet two foreign companies have been working vigorously to silence us by financially and psychologically manipulating our elected officials. Continue reading

Caruso LTE: Letter: In CMP corridor debate, Mainers deserve facts, not propaganda

Portland Press Herald As an intervenor in three permitting proceedings, I am familiar with the expert testimonies for the Central Maine Power Corridor. I write today to conscientious, Maine citizens concerned about our economy and climate future. Scientific evidence is required for a scientific claim. CMP has fought every study to validate climate benefits or prove that the CMP Corridor will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Continue reading

Maine governor vetoes bill prohibiting ballot measure contributions from foreign government-owned entities

Ballotpedia On June 23, 2021, Gov. Janet Mills (D) vetoed Legislative Document 194, which was designed to prohibit contributions, expenditures, and participation to influence ballot measures by entities with 10% or more ownership by foreign governments. Continue reading

Al Diamon: Politics Other Mistakes: French kiss-off

Daily Bulldog In public, heads of major utilities almost never say what they really think. That’s because what they really think is: Screwing over the public is so much fun. Continue reading

Tucker Carlson and grassroots take on Janet Mills and Paul LePage in corridor fight

Bangor Daily News Few visited a remote stretch of woods in western Maine before construction on Central Maine Power’s $1 billion hydropower corridor began there. Then in January it got a visit from a video crew working for Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. Months later, producers flew Tom Saviello, a leader of the group No CMP Corridor, to Los Angeles for a short sit-down with Carlson, the conservative provocateur who also has a home in Bryant Pond, where he films his show occasionally. The result was an April web segment where the Fox News personality hit the project as a “corrupt green energy scam.” (CMP allies pushed back, noting factual errors and saying corridor supporters were not interviewed.) Saviello returned to the show in early June to discuss the project. In an interview, he said the anti-corridor movement would take whatever help it can get. But he acknowledged the segment had been met with mixed reactions among people with different partisan affiliations. “My son said to me, ‘Dad, you did a really good job, but I wish it was on another show besides Tucker Carlson,’” said Saviello, a former Republican state senator from Wilton. It highlights the strange divisions the corridor has created in both major parties and Maine’s environmental community while uniting many otherwise at odds. Moneyed energy companies continue to fight over a 145-mile transmission line even as work is underway ahead of a potential November referendum and despite grassroots opposition rooted in mistrust of CMP. Continue reading

Governor Janet Mills vetoed Senator Rick Bennett’s LD 194

Hello Friends, This week, Governor Janet Mills vetoed Senator Rick Bennett’s bill, LD 194, "An Act to Prohibit Contributions, Expenditures, and Participation by Foreign Government-owned Entities to Influence Referenda." Governor Janet Mills was faced with a very important decision - continue to allow a dangerous loophole in Maine's election law to exist, or swiftly close it. Unfortunately, she again sided with foreign governments over the voters of this state. Hopefully the Legislature will protect the integrity of Maine's elections by overriding this misguided veto because LD 194 is one of the most important bills for our cause being considered in Augusta. But while it is true that this bill was born from our referendum, the importance of it extends far beyond this November, which is why we now need the Legislature to vote to override the veto of LD 194. Continue reading

Mills Channels Citizen's United

Maine Public Pulse Newsletter Democratic Gov. Janet Mills on Thursday vetoed a bill that would ban entities with foreign government ownership from electioneering in ballot campaigns. In doing so, she seemed to echo arguments made by defenders of the landmark Citizens United Supreme Court decision that has unleashed a torrent of campaign spending in U.S. elections. Continue reading

Gordesky Commentary: The true costs of Hydro Quebec

Bennington Banner In 2010, Vermont lawmakers lifted the cap on hydropower and became one of the only states that allows utilities to meet their renewable energy requirements with electricity generated by large-scale hydropower. About 62 percent of the electricity we use here in Vermont now comes from hydropower and about half of that is from Hydro Quebec’s mega-dams. While this energy is technically “renewable” in the sense that it relies on a fuel source that replenishes itself in a short time period, it definitely isn’t clean. Continue reading

CMP ranks last in another customer survey of US utilities

Maine Biz A survey released Thursday shows customers have less trust in Central Maine Power Co. than in 139 other utilities throughout the U.S. With a score of 623 on a 1,000-point scale, CMP ranked lowest in a study measuring “the amount of trust customers have with each utility,” according to a Michigan human analytics firm, Escalent. Continue reading