Lohnes LTE: CMP corridor offers little to nothing for Maine

Kennebec Journal All this money that is being spent on the “no” vote on Question 1 is coming from out-of-state and Canadian advertisers. This swath being cut in the middle of Maine’s beautiful northern forest will only benefit Canadian and out-of-state interests. All the work to cut this swath of land and erect these transmission towers will be short lived. The results will last forever. Continue reading

Potter LTE: Don’t buy No on Question 1 ads

Kennebec Journal You may have observed the abundance of CMP television ads, costing millions of dollars, in support of the CMP corridor in western Maine. The ads portray CMP as an innocent victim of unscrupulous efforts by Maine citizens to defeat the corridor and place all future infrastructure improvements in jeopardy.  Nothing could be further from the truth. CMP is responsible for its own predicament but fails to be held accountable. Continue reading


Sierra Club Maine Polls show nearly three-quarters of Mainers also think the CMP project is a bad deal. October 1, 2021 – Sierra Club Maine’s Executive Committee voted unanimously Tuesday, September 28, 2021, to endorse the “Yes on 1” campaign to stop the CMP corridor. Sierra Club Maine is one of the collaborating environmental groups currently suing the Army Corps of Engineers and the US Department of Energy. As stated by Volunteer Leader Becky Bartovics, “Sierra Club Maine votes to urge our members and Maine Voters to Vote Yes on 1. We believe that this project is not good for Mainers, and is terrible for the environment.” Continue reading

WATCH: Supporters, opponents of Question 1 argue about 'retroactive' language in referendum

Click HERE to watch on WMTW Question 1 on the November ballot asks Maine voters if they want to ban the construction of the electric transmission line to bring hydropower from Quebec to the New England grid and require the Legislature to approve such projects on public land retroactively to 2014. A "yes" vote would block the project, Continue reading

Wood LTE: We should all be outraged

Lewiston Sun Journal Clean Energy Matters, NECEC, Mainers for Fair Laws, NewsUpdate Maine, Avangrid, Iberdola. These are all CMP, trying to avoid their worst in the nation reputation by calling themselves anything but what they are. First it was about jobs, then the environment, now it’s about deceitful advertising intended as scare tactics by their front groups. You wouldn’t even know it was about CMP and the corridor they are so deceitful. Continue reading

WATCH NCC 15 Second Digital Ad: CMP's LIES

Click HERE to watch our new digital ad - CMP's Lies

LISTEN: WVOM with Adam Cote - YES on 1

Click HERE to listen on WVOM. Attorney Adam Cote discuss why Mainers should VOTE YES on 1 to Reject the CMP Corridor on November 2nd.

LISTEN: Rep. Poirier talks about YES on 1

Click here to listen. Rep. Jennifer Poirier talks about YES on 1 with Mike Violette, WSKW!

Question 1 is about the CMP corridor, so why are so many ads about ‘retroactivity’ instead?

Maine Beacon Maine voters have begun to be inundated with digital ads and flyers from a pop-up political group called Mainers for Fair Laws that claim Question 1 on the November ballot will set a dangerous precedent of “retroactivity.” The campaign mailers, which are pushing back on the referendum against Central Maine Power’s proposed transmission corridor, make no mention of the controversial project and have caused some confusion among voters. Anti-corridor campaigners believe that omission is a deliberate move by CMP and political action committees to muddy the waters and pivot away from discussing the 145-mile transmission corridor by CMP affiliate New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC) that would deliver hydro-electric power from Quebec to Massachusetts —the fate of which is the crux of Question 1. Continue reading


Don't be fooled. We can't trust CMP. Watch our new ad HERE to learn more.