No CMP Corridor (Howard) Interview: WVOM George Hale Ric Tyler Show

Listen HERE to WVOM interview with No CMP Corridor's Sandi Howard for updates on the effort to defeat the CMP corridor.  

Maine Voices: CMP is pushing a dirty energy plan for Maine

Press Herald The transmission company is interested in profits and not in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. BY TOM SAVIELLO SPECIAL TO THE PRESS HERALD In the last few weeks Central Maine Power (CMP) has doubled down on their claim that the New England Clean Energy (the corridor) will bring “clean” energy to New England. This nothing from the truth. CMP’s expensive ads would lead one to believe that they are tackling this project because they care deeply about climate change – not profit. This messaging is interesting since their own spokesman stated, “So, the question about whether, whether this [project] will make a difference in climate change. CMP has no, no doubt that it will – we can’t guarantee it. That’s not our job, that’s not our business.” Continue reading

LTE: Linda Woods: Don't buy into CMP's fear-mongering

Kennebec Journal Ever since teaching a class called Messages in Media, I have paid attention to the marketing technique behind commercials. One strategy is to market fear as a motivator. During this time of financial crisis associated with the virus, I see that Central Maine Power’s marketing campaign has switched its focus from making false claims about the corridor’s fighting climate change to promoting the many jobs they claim will be created by its construction. I understand that playing on people’s financial fears is a beneficial marketing technique employed to gain people’s attention. That’s why CMP spent approximately $5 million during the first quarter of 2020, mostly on ads through a PAC. Continue reading

Avangrid Vs. the People of Maine

Sun Journal GUEST COLUMNIST Richard Bennett The recent news that Avangrid, the parent company of Central Maine Power, has filed suit against its customers to deny them the right for self-determination in a citizens’ initiative is a shocking development in the CMP corridor debate.But more importantly, it also heralds here in Maine a distressing new reality about democracy and capitalism. Continue reading

5/24/20 Newsletter

Friend -- Our referendum effort again made it onto News Center Maine's Political Brew, and John Richardson, a Democratic political analyst, hit the nail on the head when he broke down CMP's motive to file yet another lawsuit against our effort. He said, "I think they know if this goes to the polls, the're going to lose, so they're checking every legal challenge they can make."   Continue reading

Letter to the editor: CMP ‘snowing’ the public about ‘Clean Energy’

Press Herald Well done, Central Maine Power! I have been following the for-profit New England Clean Energy Connect project since June 2018, and I felt the urge to commend CMP on the job they have done “snowing” much of the public about their “Clean Energy.” Peer-reviewed, scientific research proves that Hydro-Quebec dams do not provide “clean energy.” The “clean hydropower” is generated from gigantic, shallow reservoirs that resemble Tolkien’s “Dead Marshes,” with the bubbling methane gas and deadly methylmercury combining with other decomposing matter to make a toxic bouillabaisse. Continue reading

State opens public comment on wording of ballot question to stop CMP corridor

Press Herald The 30-day comment period is strictly for comments regarding whether the chosen wording accurately reflects the referendum's intent. Continue reading

Public Comment Period Open for Ballot Question

Public comment period now open on wording of energy corridor ballot question AUGUSTA – Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap is now accepting public comment for the wording of the energy transmission project citizens’ initiative question that is qualified to appear on the Nov. 3, 2020 Referendum Election ballot. Continue reading

CMP corridor opponents seek info gathered during alleged police spying

Press Herald A group has asked Gov. Mills and CMP chairman David Flanagan to release any information that may have been collected about about them by the Maine Information and Analysis Center. Continue reading

LTE: John Nicholas: NECEC not good for Maine

Sun Journal It is disappointing that Tom Rumpf and Lloyd Irland (guest column, May 17) are using a zero-sum approach to promote the New England Clean Energy Connect project in which the environment of the western Maine mountains must be sacrificed in order to save us from greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel energy. Continue reading