New England Clean Energy Connect may start construction in November, despite opposition

Morning Sentinel OAKLAND — Pending a permit from the United States Army Corps of Engineers, construction on the New England Clean Energy Connect will start early next month, the head of the NECEC Transmission company told members of the Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce at their October Business Breakfast on Thursday. Continue reading

Opposition to the New England Clean Energy Connect Electricity Transmission Line Project to Massachusetts - Five Indigenous communities take their cause to the United States

PR Newswire WASHINGTON, Oct. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ - In a brief submitted to the US Department of Energy (USDOE) in Washington, the First Nations of Pessamit (Innu), Wemotaci (Atikamekw), Pikogan, Lac Simon and Kitcisakik (Anishnabeg), have once again expressed their opposition to the development of an electricity transmission line from Quebec to southern Maine to supply Massachusetts. Continue reading

LTE: Left in the dark by repeated power failures

Portland Press Herald Once again I am sitting at my desk, powerless, hoping the battery on my aging laptop holds out until I get my thoughts down, praying for the power to come back on and eating Cheez-Its for breakfast. My little corner of South Portland has experienced power outages seven times in the past 365 days. That seems more than a little excessive. In America electricity is a right, not a privilege. I pay a lot for electricity, and I expect the service to be consistent. Continue reading

CMP, Hydro-Quebec kept pro-corridor campaign alive after 2020 referendum fight ended

Bangor Daily News AUGUSTA, Maine — A collective $20.6 million was spent by backers of Central Maine Power’s controversial proposed $1 billion hydropower corridor through the end of September, some of that long after the state’s high court deemed an anti-corridor referendum unconstitutional. Continue reading

The CMP corridor influence campaign continues as candidates grow skeptical

Bangor Daily News The referendum on the Central Maine Power corridor is not on the ballots this fall, but the influence operation continues with a focus on skeptical candidates. A ballot question to undo a permitting rule allowing the construction of the $1 proposed hydropower corridor from Canada through western Maine was ruled unconstitutional by Maine’s high court earlier this year. Groups that were prepared to campaign on the referendum have not given up as the corridor seems primed to continue as a divisive political issue.  Continue reading

CMP could have hard 2021 in Augusta as legislative hopefuls turn against corridor

Bangor Daily News AUGUSTA, Maine — A wide majority of legislative candidates who responded to a Bangor Daily News survey indicated opposition to the proposed Central Maine Power corridor, making it likely the utility will find a less-friendly environment in Augusta in 2021. The Nov. 3 election is the first in which the $1 billion project is one of the top-tier issues in state politics. While Maine’s high court struck down a referendum this year aiming to block the project as unconstitutional, opponents have launched a second initiative and a separate effort would buy out CMP and the state’s other dominant utility to establish a consumer-owned utility. Continue reading

NY's proposed Canadian hydropower subsidy draws concerns from all sides

Politico New York City is pinning many of its hopes to cut energy emissions on imported Canadian hydropower, but the fate of the long-delayed project may rest on a new state subsidy that has drawn significant opposition. Continue reading

Power grid could bring value

Maine Compass Each year, the Canadian federal government lays out its policies in a parliamentary event known as the Throne Speech. Last week, just two words in that speech set off what could be an energy revolution for the four Atlantic Canada provinces and Quebec. The words were “Atlantic Loop.” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau followed up with a more detailed explanation. The Atlantic Loop would be a new series of electric transmission interconnections tying all five provinces together, allowing Labrador and Quebec hydropower to reach other provinces and eliminate their use of coal. Continue reading

New York and New England Need More Clean Energy. Is Hydropower From Canada the Best Way to Get it?

Inside Climate News As the sole residents of unorganized territory T5 R7 deep within Maine's North Woods, Duane Hanson and his wife, Sally Kwan, have watched the land around them—known for its natural beauty, diverse wildlife and recreational fishing—transformed by decades of development.  But what troubles them most is what could happen in the next few months. State and corporate officials are pushing for construction of a 53-mile-long power line corridor cutting right through the woods and abutting the wild lands surrounding Hanson's property.  Continue reading


Hello friends, A few weeks ago it was reported that in addition to their record-smashing $11.3 million investment to defeat our last referendum effort, CMP also funneled an undisclosed amount of dark money into the campaign through the Maine State Chamber of Commerce. This means that the only group supporting this disastrous project, aside from the two companies who stand to make billions, is on CMP’s payroll! Continue reading