9.6 Newsletter

Hello friends, Last week the Maine Sunday Telegram published my response to columnist Jim Fossel’s misguided column, and the title says it all: “Opponents Haven’t Given Up on Stopping CMP Corridor.” Indeed, we have not given up. If anything, the court’s decision to silence the voices of 66,000 plus Mainers has only fueled us more. That’s why Fossel’s assumption that elected leaders are less likely to be asked about CMP’s wildly unpopular corridor project on a day-to-day basis is just plain wrong, and it ignores the fact that Mainers are completely outraged that decisions made about this destructive project have often sided with foreign corporations over the citizens of Maine. The referendum was always viewed as one of many possible avenues to stop the CMP corridor. We will continue to pursue every other avenue, and absent a referendum, it’s more critical than ever that we support candidates who promise to give more weight to the voice of the people of Maine than CMP’s shareholders in Spain.    Continue reading

LTE: Ackley fought hard against CMP

Morning Sentinel As a volunteer who dedicated countless hours last winter to collecting signatures to stop Central Maine Power's destructive corridor project, I greatly appreciate the work of my state representative, Kent Ackley, to stop Hydro-Quebec, a company owned by a foreign government, from meddling in our election. Continue reading

Local legislators strongly oppose CMP project

Knox Village Soup April 2019 AUGUSTA — Midcoast legislators have come out strongly against a proposal by Central Maine Power to build a transmission line in western Maine that would send electricity from Canada to Massachusetts. Continue reading

Anti-Corridor Viewpoint

Sportsman's Alliance of Maine Editor's note: About a year ago, the Sportsman's Alliance of Maine polled its members on the CMP Powerline Project and they strongly opposed the project. In the July/August sure of the SAM News we presented an article supporting the CMP project. In this edition, we are presenting an article in opposition to this controversial project. We strive to inform our members about all sides of this issue. Continue reading

LTE: Thank you, Paul Davis

Eastern Gazette To the Editor: Now that the courts have taken away our right to vote on Spain-owned CMP/Avangrid/Iberdrola's unpopular NECEC corridor to provide electricity to Massachusetts' ratepayers, our partners in the Legislature are more important that ever before. Continue reading

LTE: Let’s not remain captive to CMP

Morning Sentinel I realize that the Maine Public Utilities Commission’s job in theory is to protect the consumer rights of utility customers. However, has anyone considered the amount of money the PUC has authorized Central Maine Power to increase in rates this year? Continue reading

LTE: Vote for leaders who represent citizens’ interest

Daily Bulldog Mainers will be checking whether legislative hopefuls represent their interests or those of foreign utilities. The assumption that elected leaders are less likely to be asked about the Central Maine Power corridor by constituents on a day-to-day basis if it’s not being voted on this year and that it will ease leaders’ ability to explain their votes on bills related to the project outside the heat of a referendum campaign doesn’t consider the fact that Mainers are completely outraged that decisions made about the destructive CMP corridor have often sided with foreign corporations over the citizens of Maine. Continue reading

LTE: Corridor project handled poorly

Lewiston Sun Journal Is Maine part of Massachusetts again? Or a part of Quebec Province? Maybe Spain? The handling of the Central Maine Power corridor by some officials totally has me wondering. Continue reading

LTE: Voices can’t be silenced

Mount Desert Islander The Maine Supreme Court recently ruled that the referendum to stop the Central Maine Power Corridor Project is unconstitutional. This is a serious blow to thousands of Mainers who oppose this project because of its negative environmental consequences. The international consortium based in Spain, Iberdola, which owns Avangrid, the parent company of Central Maine Power, has poured millions into a slick advertising campaign intended to convince Mainers that the project will benefit the environment by using hydropower instead of fossil fuel.  Continue reading

8.30. Newsletter

Hello friends, In case you missed it, No CMP Corridor hosted an online forum this week with guest speakers Kimberly Lyman and Garnett Robinson.  Kimberly, a Registered Maine Guide from western Maine, served as a citizen intervenor at the Land Use Planning Commission proceedings during the review of CMP’s permit. She has been a lead activist to oppose the CMP corridor, speaking at county commissioner meetings, PUC, DEP, and Massachusetts DPU proceedings, and testifying at legislative public hearings. She is the co-founder of Say NO to NECEC. Garnett Robinson is a tax assessor from Dixmont who owns Maine Assessment Appraisal Services, a company that revalues towns. He also served as an expert witness at the DEP and LUPC permit review proceedings and testified at the PUC and other public hearings about CMP’s tax practices and reputation. Garnett is a 4th generation Registered Maine Guide, an avid outdoorsman and he has served on the town planning board for Dixmont.   Continue reading