Mills vetoes bill that sought to ban foreign spending on referendums in Maine

KPVI-6 (The Center Square) – Gov. Janet Mills has rejected a proposal that would have barred foreign corporations from spending money to sway Maine voters on public referendums. The legislation would have prohibited companies that are 10% or more foreign-owned from spending on political advertising for statewide ballot questions. The move was aimed at Hydro-Quebec's efforts to promote construction of a 145-mile hydropower transmission line, which the Canadian company is developing with Central Maine Power, Maine's largest utility. Continue reading

WATCH: See the Segment 1 Clearcut for Yourself

Have you driven up to Segment 1 of CMP's Corridor route to see the clearcut? Well, Senator Rick Bennett has - click HERE to see it and learn more.

WATCH: Sen. Bennett at Maine Public Lands' Wilson Pond

Senator Rick Bennett visited the proposed CMP corridor route in western Maine in the Public lands parcel near Wilson Pond. See if for yourself by clicking HERE.

Sen. Cyrway LTE: CMP Corridor wildfire dangers confirmed

Kennebec Journal Over Memorial Day weekend, there was a pole line wildfire in Concord Township, a remote town in Somerset County. This fire broke out along the segment that was recently clear cut for the Central Maine Power Corridor. Ironically, this incident occurred almost exactly one year after I raised the flag with a column, “CMP corridor project will create new wildfire dangers in remote Maine.” Continue reading

Maine voters to decide ballot initiative on electric transmission corridor through state’s Upper Kennebec Region

Ballotpedia News On November 2, 2021, voters in Maine will decide a ballot initiative to prohibit the construction of electric transmission lines in the Upper Kennebec Region, including the New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC), which began construction in the region on May 13. The ballot initiative would also require a two-thirds vote of each state legislative chamber to approve electric transmission line projects defined as high-impact. Continue reading

Maine moves to ban foreign money in ballot questions

The Center Square (The Center Square) – Foreign companies would be prohibited from spending money to sway Maine voters on public policy issues under a proposal sent to Gov. Janet Mills for consideration.  On Thursday, the state Senate approved legislation that would prohibit companies that are 10% or more foreign owned from spending money on political advertising for ballot questions. The measure now heads to Gov. Janet Mills for consideration. Continue reading

State Revisits Allegations Of Clear-Cuts for CMP-Backed Power Line

Maine Public Radio A state environmental regulator is seeking more information on whether the workers on the western Maine transmission corridor backed by Central Maine Power violated the project's state permit for tree-clearing. Opponents say the state should shut the project down until further investigation is complete. A Bangor-based certified forester, Roger Merchant, who opposes the project, says he inspected several sections of the "New England Clean Energy Connect" in the Coburn Mountain area, and found that workers razed a line as wide as 104 feet. He says that's almost double the 54-foot width allowed by the permit. Continue reading

Bien LTE: This company takes us for fools

Daily Bulldog There are a little over 3,300 electrical utility companies in the United States. Last year a nationwide survey of business customers found our own Central Maine Power dead last in its ratings for reliability and business confidence. Even Pacific Gas and Electric, flirting with bankruptcy and blamed for California’s devastating wildfires, performed better than CMP in a survey of business leaders. Continue reading


Hello Friends, One year ago this week, Senator Scott Cyrway sounded the alarm that the CMP Corridor poses a major wildfire risk with this 2020 column. According to Senator Cyrway, he met with the Forest Service and CMP to discuss his concerns after his piece was published. The need for equipment, training and tote road access and off road fire fighting equipment was discussed, but unfortunately, “CMP has acted on none of the recommendations that were laid out in that meeting. It seems that the inherent risk associated with their for-profit line is not a priority for the company.” Continue reading

Wood LTE: The “real” big picture

Daily Bulldog In a recent opinion letter to the editor, Farmington resident Jamie Beaulieu writes that its “easy to lose sight of the big picture” in regards to The CMP Corridor and climate change. What he fails to bring to the table is the entirety of the negative impacts of Hydro Quebec’s mega-dams, the clear cutting of the corridor in Maine or the fact that CMP and Hydro Quebec fought an objective study of  their “claims” of greenhouse gas reductions. Continue reading