Maine utility regulators order preliminary probe of CMP management structure

Portland Press Herald Concerned that recent improvements in Central Maine Power’s service quality won’t be sustained, the Maine Public Utilities Commission on Tuesday ordered a preliminary investigation into the company’s management structure. The regulatory body asked CMP to produce a “performance plan” that outlines steps the utility will take to maintain progress and address concerns raised by an independent consultant’s recent audit of how the evolving management of CMP and its parent companies influenced customer service. The plan is due Nov. 30. Continue reading

Sheehan LTE: Hydro-Quebec letter hid truth about Indigenous relations

Lewiston Sun Journal This letter is in response to claims made by Hydro-Quebec’s Matthew Boucher in his Sept. 17 letter on the crown corporation’s relations with Indigenous communities. Over the last several years, the North American Megadam Resistance Alliance has witnessed Hydro-Quebec using its money and political clout to attempt to discredit our Indigenous allies whenever they speak up. Serge Abergel has been at the forefront of using HQ’s press machine to spin the company’s egregious history of cultural genocide of Indigenous people into something that it’s not. Continue reading

Aishton LTE: The NECEC – a real Tragedy of the Commons

Daily Bulldog We are nearing the ‘home stretch’ en route to the vote to support or reject the NECEC. The ‘pro-corridor’ ads have continued this ridiculous ‘retroactivity’ gambit. Proponents double down on ‘retroactivity’ because it helps disguise their backroom deals to illegally cross Maine Public Lands and is ONLY about the sneaky Public Lands lease debacle. Continue reading

Utility Regulators Launch Preliminary Probe Into CMP Management Structure

Click HERE to listed on Maine Public State regulators launched an investigation Tuesday into Central Maine Power's management structure. Members of the Maine Public Utilities Commission say they still lack confidence that the company will build on some recent service improvements. Continue reading

Cummings LTE: Reject CMP’s proposed corridor

Portland Press Herald Mainers should not be fooled by the lies and distortions coming from the opponents of Question 1. This referendum is about protecting the western Maine mountains. Continue reading

Whorf LTE: Vote Yes on Question 1 to halt CMP project

Portland Press Herald CMP has been trying to buy Mainers’ approval of their wildly unpopular corridor project by spouting claims that the retroactive piece of the November referendum question isn’t legal or fair. However, CMP knowingly entered into an illegal lease, crossing public lands prior to having all of their permits. And that lease has now been revoked. So, retroactively requiring a two-thirds vote from the Legislature on a new public lands lease and on construction of any high-impact electric transmission lines is the right thing to do. Any construction done now is at their own risk. Continue reading

WATCH: 'Yes on 1' campaign explains question origin and intentions

Click HERE to watch on News Center Maine. AUGUSTA, Maine — This fall, Mainers are voting on a controversial referendum question aimed at stopping the New England Clean Energy Connect. 'Question 1' is 54 words and can be tricky to understand upon a first read.  The question was initially presented to Mainers as a petition which received more than 80,000 signatures, more than enough for the Secretary of State to certify that it be on our ballots in November. According to Secretary of State Shenna Bellows, the ballot question closely adheres to the language on the petition, including the hot button word "retroactive." "Our office simply ensures the legislation meets statutory drafting requirements," Bellows said. Bellows said 'Question 1' is an objective summary of the citizen's initiative petition.  "The language on the ballot in November adheres as closely as possible to the intentions of the citizens who brought the question forward." Question 1 reads:  Do you want to ban the construction of high-impact electric transmission lines in the upper Kennebec region and to require the legislature to approve all other such projects anywhere in Maine, both retroactively to 2020, and to require the legislature, retroactively to 2014, to approve by a two-thirds vote such projects using public land? Adam Cote, the lawyer representing the 'Yes on 1' campaign says the referendum's goal is narrow, stopping the New England Clean Energy Connect. "The only project that I'm aware of in the state of Maine that this referendum would apply to is the CMP corridor," said Cote.  Continue reading


Click HERE to watch the September 2021 NCC campaign update for our volunteers. Learn how you can stay involved through Election Day!

Buzzell LTE: CMP keeping Maine in the dark

The Piscataquis Observer Do not allow CMP to keep us in the dark about Question 1. Despite the ads that depict Question 1 as affecting more than high impact transmission line projects, it will not. This transmission line project is not about going back in time to stop any other construction projects. It is about foreign companies using Maine as a conduit to feed Massachusetts for big profits. It is about big corporations taking our public lands from Mainers without any due process or law. Continue reading

What you need to know before you cast your vote on CMP corridor referendum

Bangor Daily News It has been two years since opponents of Central Maine Power’s electric hydropower project first launched an attempt to bring it down at the ballot box. A failed question and millions of dollars in spending later, Maine residents will soon have their chance to weigh in on the project’s future. The debate over the project has been one of the biggest political fights in years. It has united Democrats and Republicans and divided environmental groups. It has served as a proxy war between natural gas companies and a major Canadian hydropower provider, and has been fought largely by grassroots opposition and the owner of Maine’s largest electric utility. It has been fueled by frustration with CMP after billing mishaps, winter disconnections and power outages, and created spinoff conversations about foreign government-owned companies’ political spending. Now a referendum that will appear on November’s ballot aims to thwart the project. A “yes” vote on Question 1 is a vote in opposition to the transmission corridor... Continue reading