New England renewable policies to drive 12,500 MW of renewable capacity by 2030

Market Intelligence By Adam Wilson Despite being the smallest independent system operator, or ISO, in terms of electricity demand in the U.S., ISO New England is expected to be a very active market for renewable energy deployment over the next decade. Each of the six states in the ISO has a mandatory renewable portfolio standard in place and the region is increasing its dedication to offshore wind procurement. As a result, S&P Global Market Intelligence estimates that over 12,500 MW of wind and solar capacity will be installed in the region by 2030. (View graphs here: Continue reading

6/14/20 Newsletter

Friend -- This has been a busy week for No CMP Corridor advocates! First and foremost, we would like to thank Senator Russell Black for moderating our town hall event on Wednesday, and we would like to thank Susan Theberge, Tom Saviello and Darryl Wood for participating as panelists. For those of you who weren’t able to join, you can watch the full event here: Continue reading

Richard Aishton: LTE: Hydro-Quebec impact statement would answer questions

Press Herald In his June 7 letter, Serge Abergel, director of media and external relations at Hydro-Quebec, seems to have it wrong in  promulgating a recurring myth about New England Clean Energy Connect being “clean” power. Electrical power from Hydro Quebec is not clean. “Politicians who describe dams as ‘clean energy projects’ are talking ‘nonsense’ and rejecting decades of science, says David Schindler, a leading water ecologist,” The Tyee, a Canadian online newsmagazine, has reported.  Continue reading

LTE: Monica McCarthy: The only thing green about it is the money

Daily Bulldog Please vote [YES] to stop the CMP Corridor in November. The largest contiguous temperate forest in North America and everything that lives in it, wetlands and streams sheltering inland waterfowl and wading birds, the last true stronghold for stream-dwelling wild brook trout, mountaintop vistas that take your breath away - all of this and more is at risk. You will hear plenty of greenwashing about this project between now and then. Don’t believe it. Continue reading

Sen. Scott Cyrway: CMP corridor project will create new wildfire

Bangor Daily News Central Maine Power Company (CMP) would like to run a high voltage powerline through Maine’s undeveloped forest to deliver power from Quebec to Massachusetts along a new corridor. As we’ve seen from the history of California’s electricity provider, Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), these lines can pose an extreme fire hazard, which is why I am apprehensive to trust CMP with this for-profit project. Continue reading

LTE: Charles E. Brush: Will Maine workers get temporary NECEC jobs?

Morning Sentinel Cianbro is reportedly one of the contractors for the New England Clean Energy Connect. When their worksite in Augusta was shutdown the week of May 18, it was reported that some of the workers who tested positive for COVID-19 were from out of state. Cianbro doesn't even hire all Maine workers. Continue reading

6/7/2020 Newsletter

Friend -- This week, the Starks Planning Board voted to approve the municipal permit for CMP’s corridor, putting the project one step closer to construction. While we are disappointed, this development further highlights that it is up to each and every one of us to stop CMP at the ballot box this November.  Please start spreading the word now that a “Yes” vote on the referendum will put a stop to this destructive project once and for all. Continue reading

Quebec power company hires advertising muscle to help sway Maine voters on transmission line A Canadian public utility has hired an advertising firm to help convince Maine residents to approve a cross-border transmission line largely opposed by the rural state’s powerful environmental lobby. Continue reading

5/31/20 Newsletter

Dear Friends-- This week, we turned our focus to the very serious issue of fire safety in light of the rash of powerline-caused wildfires that burned in Maine last weekend. These fires served as a grim reminder of the real threat CMP’s corridor project poses to our vast wilderness. Continue reading