LTE: Sandi Howard: NECEC would bring few real jobs

Morning Sentinel Central Maine Power is trying to take advantage of Mainers’ vulnerability during a global health crisis by asserting that the NECEC corridor is the solution to repair Maine’s economy. This is simply not true. CMP recently hired out-of-state workers for highly specialized jobs, and the report often cited by the Maine Public Utilities Commission to evaluate the public benefit of the corridor clearly makes the case that many of these jobs are temporary and won’t be filled by Mainers. Continue reading

Sides weigh in on CMP Corridor

The Irregular Project heads to ballot November 3 Continue reading

LTE: Will Hughey: A pig by any other name

The Irregular As the old saying goes, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. The same is true of CMP’s destructive project to cut through the heart of the north Maine woods to deliver power from Quebec to Massachusetts. Continue reading

LTE: Linda Flagg: We should have a say about the CMP corridor project

The Irregular When I signed up to collect signatures as a volunteer to bring the destructive CMP corridor project to a statewide vote, I never imagined that I may be followed and observed by private investigators. I never imagined anything remotely like this because I was simply exercising a right enshrined in the Maine Constitution. Continue reading

LTE: Elizabeth Hamilton: With CMP corridor, everyone wins, except Maine

Times Record CMP’s flashy marketing campaign sure paints a pretty picture of their corridor project, but unfortunately, none of it is grounded in reality. They’ve started awarding contracts to complete the project, and unsurprisingly, three of the four companies hired aren’t based in Maine. Those companies include Irby Construction of Mississippi, Northern Clearing of Wisconsin, and Sargent Electric of Pennsylvania. Continue reading

LTE: Jill Linzee: CMP's ads, Our money

Free Press We’ve had to endure a daily barrage of expensively produced television ads lately from Central Maine Power. The goals of their propaganda campaign are to improve their public image and to sell us on what they’re calling the “Clean Energy Corridor” — also known as the CMP Corridor or NECEC (New England Clean Energy Connect).CMP earns an annual profit of $153 million dollars. No wonder they’re spending so much money to hold onto and expand their lucrative enterprise. But for all the money they’re spending on TV ads, high-paid lawyers, and endless lobbying efforts, they would be far more likely to win the hearts and minds of their Maine customers by redirecting some of that $153 million–dollar annual profit to reduce our exorbitantly high electric bills.  Continue reading

LTE: Sandi Howard: NECEC won't repair economy

Daily Bulldog CMP is trying to take advantage of Mainers' vulnerability during a global health crisis by asserting the corridor is the solution to repair Maine's economy. This is simply not true. Continue reading

LTE: Richard Bennett: Avangrid versus the people of Maine

Richard Bennett: Avangrid versus the people of Maine The recent news that Avangrid, the parent company of Central Maine Power, has filed suit against its customers to deny them the right for self-determination in a citizens’ initiative is a shocking development in the CMP corridor debate. But more importantly, it also heralds here in Maine a distressing new reality about democracy and capitalism. Continue reading

LTE: Ed Buzzell: CMP corridor threatens 'Forest of the Enchanted'

Press Herald You the residents of Maine, will have that decision November 2020. Sixty-six thousand residents cared enough to sign a petition to have it placed on the ballot. For the price of a cup of coffee per month on your electric bill, this forest will remain untouched. Continue reading

No CMP Corridor (Howard) Interview: WVOM George Hale Ric Tyler Show

Listen HERE to WVOM interview with No CMP Corridor's Sandi Howard for updates on the effort to defeat the CMP corridor.