Maine House backs limiting foreign election spending in challenge to CMP corridor

Bangor Daily News AUGUSTA, Maine — The Maine House of Representatives advanced a bill Wednesday to bar foreign government-owned companies from spending on state ballot questions after a Canadian energy company dumped millions into the Central Maine Power corridor referendum fight last year. Continue reading

Cyrway LTE: CMP corridor a fire hazard

From the State House Over Memorial Day weekend, there was a pole line wildfire in Concord Township, a remote town in Somerset County. This fire broke out along the segment that was recently clear cut for the Central Maine Power Corridor. Ironically, this incident occurred almost exactly one year after I raised the flag with a column, “CMP corridor project will create new wildfire dangers in remote Maine.”In the case of the Concord Township wildfire, we were incredibly lucky. The fire broke out in Segment 2, not far from the nearest volunteer fire station, and by the grace of God, Northern Clearing, the Wisconsin company that was hired to clear the Corridor, was still present in the area and was able to assist  the local fire department in extinguishing the flames. Continue reading

WATCH: Corridor Update with Saviello & Carlson

Tom Saviello provides an update on the CMP corridor clearcutting the last contiguous forest east of the Mississippi River. Continue reading

CMP fined $360,000 for transmission system testing violation

Portland Press Herald Central Maine Power Co. has been fined $360,000 for violating industry testing standards meant to ensure stability and prevent outages on its transmission system, based on a settlement approved last week by federal utility regulators. The penalty was approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. It involves a settlement reached in April between CMP and the Northeast Power Coordinating Council, one of six regional agencies that work with the North American Electric Reliability Corp. to assure reliability and resilience on the continental grid. Continue reading

Carter LTE: Tell the truth about the Corridor

Franklin Journal To the Editor: The other day I came home to a flyer hanging on my front door that supported the CMP and Hydro-Quebec Corridor. The flyer called the transmission line the “CLEAN Energy Corridor”. This is an out and out fraud. The energy from Hydro-Quebec’s massive dams is far from CLEAN. The science is very clear. The power generated is some of the dirtiest generated power on the planet. Continue reading

6.6.21 Newsletter

Hello Friends, CMP kicked off its latest round of legal shenanigans this week with a lawsuit filed by Representative Christopher Caiazzo of Scarborough in the Cumberland County Superior Court against Secretary Shenna Bellows. The lawsuit seeks to split our referendum question into three separate questions as a desperate attempt to dilute our support and confuse the voters. Continue reading

Maine hydro project supporters sue to block referendum

KVPI 6 (The Center Square) – Supporters of a controversial hydropower transmission line that would run through Maine are asking a state court to split a proposed referendum seeking to kill the project into separate questions.    The lawsuit, filed by state Rep. Chris Caiazzo D-Scarborough, calls for splitting the referendum into three questions on the November ballot, asking voters if transmission lines on public land should require a two-thirds vote of the legislature; whether large scale transmission lines on public land should require a similar vote; and should the state's voters ban transmission lines in the upper Kennebec region. Continue reading

Sen. Joe Baldacci: Bill will close dangerous loophole, prevent foreign influence on Maine voters

Portland Press Herald Last November, the people of Bangor and Hermon elected me to represent them in the Maine Senate. It’s the honor of a lifetime to serve the citizens of these great communities in this way, and I’m confident in saying that the election was fair and free of any undue foreign influence because our laws protect Mainers from it in all candidate elections. But since being elected, I have learned that the foreign government interference prohibition that protects the integrity of candidate elections in our state does not extend to citizen-initiated referendums and that a foreign government has exposed this dangerous loophole and has since spent a record sum to influence the outcome of an election in our state. Continue reading

Lawmaker sues Maine in bid to split referendum targeting CMP corridor into 3 questions

Bangor Daily News AUGUSTA, Maine — A lawmaker who backs Central Maine Power’s $1 billion hydropower corridor is suing Secretary of State Shenna Bellows in a bid to force her to split one anti-corridor referendum set for the state’s November ballot into three separate questions. Continue reading

Haynes LTE: LD 194 ought to pass

Daily Bulldog Senator Bennett’s Bill, LD 194, designed to prohibit business that is wholly owned by foreign governments from lobbying, should pass without a second thought. The reason is that, although Hydro Quebec brought the Maine legal loophole to our attention, allowing foreign intervention by a foreign government in a Maine public referendum places Maine residents in a defensive position against a well-funded entity. While testimony on the bill centered on the issue of the current NECEC power line the issue is much bigger and I thank Quebec for bringing it to our attention. Continue reading