9.26.21 Newsletter

Hello Friends, This week, I’d like to kick things off with this ad featuring longtime activists and volunteer signature gatherers Evelyn and Bruce Beane of Bingham. This ad by our allies at Mainers for Local Power highlights what Question 1 is really about by showing the massive destruction this untrustworthy company has already inflicted on the very special and unique Upper Kennebec Region. Please share this ad far and wide to help us combat the millions CMP is now spending each week on a deceptive campaign to defeat Question 1. Continue reading

Woods LTE: ‘Retroactivity’ claims don’t hold any water

The creator of the New England Clean Energy Connect commercial currently running most likely would have earned an “A” in my messages and media class. I taught students one of the most persuasive advertising techniques is “emotional appeal”: manipulating viewers to be fearful of what might happen by using inaccuracies disguised as truth. Writers of this type of ad want to scare viewers into thinking of horrible consequences as a result of a certain action. The ad indicates voting yes to stop one project sets a bad precedent that will allow the Legislature to make retroactive changes at any time. However, this same student would have received an “F” in the reading comprehension lessons that taught students to separate fact from opinion. Continue reading

Nicholas LTE: Opposition to CMP corridor, from unpaid volunteer

Morning Sentinel The reason why Adrienne Bennett will vote “no” on Question 1 is because she is being paid as a spokesperson for Mainers for Fair Laws, which opposes Question 1. I support “yes” on Question 1, but I am an unpaid volunteer. John Nicholas Winthrop

Keefe LTE: Remember the smiling [Hydro-Quebec] woman

The Ellsworth American Dear Editor: A couple of years ago, there was a full-page ad in the paper featuring a smiling woman touting more money for schools. But Mainers figured out that she was a model for an agent of an out-of-state gambling operation aiming to siphon big bucks from Mainers’ wallets — and rejected the proposal by a large majority. This year, there was a full-page ad in the paper touting a “clean” energy project. It was accompanied by a long letter from the public relations person at Hydro-Quebec, a crown corporation of the Province of Quebec, Canada. Continue reading

Howard LTE: Spreading fear, misinformation about Question 1

To the Editor: First CMP tried to distance their abysmal reputation from the CMP corridor project, designed to deliver power to Massachusetts through the heart of western Maine. Many saw through this ploy and, despite being subjected to a $30 million PR campaign, Mainers remained unconvinced that it’s a good deal. Now, just weeks before Election Day, CMP has again shifted tactics. Continue reading

Goulet LTE: Voters should support Question 1

Lewiston Sun Journal In response to Jaime Beaulieu’s letter (“Question 1 is undemocratic,” Sept. 23) concerning the New England Clean Energy Connect corridor, this individual fails to acknowledge that this controversial question should have been voted on by the people of Maine. Continue reading

McNally LTE: The truth about the CMP energy corridor

Seacoast Online My background and employment are in energy and construction, and I have followed the debate on the CMP Corridor from the beginning. Let me make one point very clear: if I thought that Maine residents would benefit from good, long-term jobs and honest savings on our power bills, I would not support this referendum. However, the facts, and CMP’s ever-changing narrative, make the choice simple. Question 1 must pass in November. Continue reading

Tempesta LTE: CMP corridor forces industrialization of Enchanted Forest

Portland Press Herald We’ve witnessed the start of destruction to Maine’s “Enchanted Forest” on the Spencer Road. “Enchanted” has been the actual name of this area for decades. Enchanted Forest, Enchanted Pond, the Lower and Upper Enchanted Road. It’s in the Gazetteer. It’s why we’re all fighting to save it. Continue reading

Bipartisan group of 32 legislators urge Attorney General Frey to Uphold Maine Constitution in public lands case

Press Release: Bipartisan group of 32 legislators urge Attorney General Frey to Uphold Maine Constitution in public lands case AUGUSTA - Last week, a bipartisan group of legislators from all across the state joined Senator Rick Bennett and Senator Russell Black in sending a letter to Attorney General Aaron Frey to urge him "in the strongest of terms" to reconsider his appeal of Justice Murphy's decision in Black v Cutko, the public lands case regarding the CMP Corridor. In the letter, the Senators and Representatives say, "There is a clear dispute between the executive and legislative branches over this matter. Article 9, Section 23 of the Maine Constitution was designed to provide definition and process for legislative oversight for the management of our public lands in order to protect the public interest. We are dismayed that you have chosen to argue the executive branch's position over that of the Legislature's in this dispute." Continue reading

NRCM: Code Red for the Climate Demands New Behavior by CMP

Natural Resources Council of Maine On the same day that the Portland Press Herald reported about an alarming new climate study that has been called “code red for humanity,” it also carried a front-page story about Central Maine Power’s (CMP) continued failure to help solar energy projects connect with the electrical grid as part of Maine’s response to climate change. The contrast could not be starker. The world’s top climate scientists warn of the dire consequences of our slow and insufficient transition away from fossil fuels, while CMP continues to be slow and inefficient in assisting our transition to a clean energy future. Continue reading