George Smith: Dams are not ‘clean energy’

Morning Sentinel If you believe Hydro-Quebec’s dams will send clean energy through Maine to Massachusetts, you must read the book “Blue Deserts” by Stephen Kasprzak. When you do, you’ll know just how destructive these dams are. Continue reading

Court ruling against anti-corridor referendum may intensify push for people-owned power

Maine Beacon Maine’s Supreme Judicial Court ruled on Thursday that a referendum attempting to prevent Central Maine Power (CMP) from building an electricity corridor through Maine’s North Woods violates the state constitution, delivering a blow to the coalition of environmental and community groups that have been campaigning for the corridor’s defeat. Continue reading

Supreme court rules CMP corridor referendum unconstitutional

Portland Press Herald The state’s top court has blocked a referendum to stop a planned hydroelectric power corridor through western Maine. In a ruling issued Thursday, the Maine Supreme Judicial Court decided the state’s Constitution does not give voters the power to reverse a decision by the Maine Public Utilities Commission, as the referendum is designed to do, so the question cannot be included on the November ballot as planned. Continue reading

LTE: Regarding the Supreme Court ruling

Daily Bulldog I saw the same news Thursday as the rest of Maine regarding the Supreme Court ruling that the referendum question is unconstitutional. That's very interesting because the public land lease negotiated by the state and CMP was also not given by the normal constitutional guide lines per the required legislative vote. Continue reading

LTE: Not buying the shell game

Sun Journal Serge Abergel, an employee of Hydro-Quebec, recently contributed to your paper. While this is a free country, and he can say as he pleases, he is not from this country. Rather, he’s a representative of a utility owned by the Canadian government, a utility that is spending record amounts on a propaganda campaign to force Mainers to accept Central Maine Power’s deeply unpopular NECEC corridor project. Continue reading

8.17 Statement to Grassroots Team

We may have lost a battle last week, but the war is far from over. The referendum was always viewed as one of many possible avenues to stop CMP. That door may be closed for now, but many remain open. In good news, last week, our citizen intervenors were granted a stay on the DEP permit while the Board of Environmental Protections reviews appeals from a number of parties. We're are still actively trying to persuade the Army Corps of Engineers to conduct an Environmental Impact Study, as they did in New Hampshire and Vermont. Recently, Congressman Jared Golden and the Penobscot Nation joined our efforts to call for a study. There's still an active lawsuit challenging the validity of CMP's lease to cross state public reserve lands. Rather than following the process laid out in the Maine Constitution, CMP negotiated and renegotiated this lease behind closed doors. We are hoping the courts uphold the law, and throw this illegal lease out. We're also continuing to work with the Legislature to find a solution in Augusta. So, while we regroup in the coming weeks, please rest assured that nothing has actually changed. This is still a terrible project, the vast majority of Mainers still don't want it, and our grassroots army will continue to fight until we defeat CMP. We will NOT be silenced by this foreign corporation. -Sandi Howard Principal Officer, No CMP Corridor PAC

LTE: NECEC will never be good for Maine

Sun Journal In light of the recent Maine Supreme Court decision regarding the unconstitutionality of the referendum on the NECEC, I have a few comments about this entire process. Continue reading

Maine high court’s CMP corridor decision will change referendum politics for good

Bangor Daily News Maine’s high court checked Mainers’ right to legislate after an explosion in the use of referendums in recent years. The seismic decision by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court on Thursday to effectively prevent a question that would kill Central Maine Power’s $1 billion corridor proposal from going on the November ballot will have repercussions for years, but not just around the controversial project and perhaps not how you think. Continue reading

8.16 Newsletter

Friends --  As I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, Maine’s highest court ruled this week that our referendum should not be included on this November’s ballot. It’s a very sad day when our court sides with foreign corporations over the people of Maine. The fact that CMP’s parent company sued the State of Maine to silence their customers, and it worked, is astounding.  Mainers feel very strongly that this project will do irreparable damage to our natural resources, hurt rural our economy and threaten our way of life. That’s why hundreds of you stood outside, during the height of the winter, to collect signatures from more than 66,000 voters who want the opportunity to weigh in on this deeply unpopular project. Continue reading

Rick Bennett August 14

Check out Rick Bennett's recent interview reacting to the Supreme Court's decision! Click HERE to listen.