LISTEN: Adam Cote talks about Question 1 on WGAN

Click HERE to listen on WGAN Attorney Adam Cote discusses why Mainers should VOTE YES on 1 to Reject the CMP Corridor.

UPDATED: Question 1 focuses on the CMP corridor

Village Soup While corridor proponents raise the specter of retroactivity, opponents note that is not a change to Maine law. The real issue, corridor opponents argue, is the 53-mile area to be cut through a globally significant forest. Citizens throughout the state will decide at the polls Nov. 2 where they stand on building a 145-mile transmission corridor to bring hydroelectric power from Canada to rate-payers in Massachusetts. The project will leave a 53-mile scar, bisecting the last intact globally significant temperate forest east of the Mississippi, according to Sandi Howard, director of “No CMP Corridor,” a group fighting the project. She is also a Maine Guide and added that this forest is a last stronghold for brook trout. Continue reading

Politics & Other Mistakes: Gutter watch

Daily Bulldog Over the summer, some nasty stuff has accumulated in the political gutters. Let’s clean it out. Hypocrisy watch: In December 2019, Adrienne Bennett, then a Republican congressional candidate in Maine’s 2nd District, told the Bangor Daily News she opposed Central Maine Power’s plan to build a transmission line through western Maine to bring Canadian power to Massachusetts. Bennett said she’d even signed a petition to put the project out to referendum, so she could vote against it. Bennett lost the 2020 GOP primary, but recently resurfaced as spokeswoman for Mainers for Fair Laws, a political action committee sponsored by CMP to promote the same power corridor Bennett once opposed. Continue reading

WATCH: Confused about Question 1? Here are the facts about the NECEC

Click HERE to watch on WMTW Mainers will decide whether to reject or allow the New England Clean Energy Corridor to move forward this November, although the wording of the referendum may be confusing to some. Continue reading

LISTEN: WVOM interview w/ Adam Cote

Click HERE to listen on WVOM Adam Cote explains the referendum and why Mainers should VOTE YES on 1 to BAN the CMP Corridor.

LISTEN: Rep. Poirier on WGAN discussing Yes on 1

Click HERE to listen on WGAN Representative Jennifer Poirier (R- Skowhegan) discusses why the CMP corridor is bad for Maine and why she will VOTE YES on 1 to Reject the CMP Corridor.

Morrill LTE: Vote ‘yes’ to reject CMP’s power line plan

Portland Press Herald I will be voting “yes” to reject Central Maine Power’s proposed new power line, and urge others to do so as well. There’s a multitude of insufficiently answered questions regarding the entire proposal, including but not limited to Indigenous claims to lands flooded by Hydro-Quebec dams; lack of adherence to the width of clearcutting allowed; illegal granting of the lease of public lands, and outright lies being promulgated in CMP’s and Hydro-Quebec’s advocacy advertising. Continue reading

9.19.21 Newsletter

Hello Friends, This week, let’s start off with this short and sweet ad that clearly shows that the CMP Corridor is an environmental disaster that we must vote YES on Question 1 to stop. Thanks to our coalition partners for producing it. Continue reading

Maine’s top court says work on energy corridor may continue during appeal

Portland Press Herald Maine’s top court ruled this week that construction of a 145-mile transmission-line corridor through western Maine can continue while the appeal of a judge’s decision to nullify a crucial lease needed for the project makes its way through the courts. The Maine Supreme Judicial Court’s ruling would allow construction to resume on all but the one-mile stretch of state-owned land covered by the lease. Continue reading

High court judge says CMP affiliate must not work on disputed mile of corridor project

Bangor Daily News A judge on Maine’s high court ruled that a Central Maine Power Co. affiliate must refrain from work on public land on roughly one mile of its 145-mile hydropower corridor. Continue reading