NewsCenter Maine Political Brew 2/14/2021

NewsCenter Maine Political Brew

Central Maine Power found itself in another public relations mess this week. The utility told solar power developers that they may have to come up with millions of dollars for upgrades to utility substations to handle all the incoming solar power.

CMP did a quick about-face, saying there's a fix that would cost hundreds of thousands instead of millions per substation.

Rep. Seth Berry, who wants to see CMP become a state-owned utility, said this is another reminder that the foreign-owned company can't be trusted to oversee our energy future.

Strimling said, "CMP has got to realize who they work for. They work for us, they work for the ratepayers ... And they are failing on this front over and over again."

He added, "CMP should be stepping forward and saying, 'We will absorb all of the additional costs. We told you, we had a contract, this is what it would cost to connect to our lines.' But of course, they won't, because they don't feel like they work for us and that's a problem."

But Harriman said the company was trying to focus on safety issues from adding so much new power to the system. He says CMP Chairman David Flanagan has admitted "that they didn't do a good job of thoroughly analyzing the options. They have moved out of the leadership chain and recognized there are less costly ways to ensure that the transmission system has integrity and that it is safe."

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