Poirier LTE: Q1 allows Mainers to have say on power corridor

Lewiston Sun Journal

I supported Adrienne Bennett when she ran for Congress because of her strong stance against the New England Clean Energy Connect corridor. When she lost and moved to Texas, I was sad to see her go, but I wished her the best.

I was shocked to hear that she accepted a job working for NECEC as its spokeswoman to oppose Question 1.

In December 2019 she attacked Congressman Golden on Facebook saying, “My message to the media is simple: follow the money. It is a sad day to see a congressman sell out like this.”

In a debate against Dale Crafts she said, “I oppose the CMP Corridor . . . you recently changed your position to support the corridor. Does it have anything to do with CMP consultants or lobbyists involved in our campaign?”

Adrienne has flipped positions. It’s easy to follow the money, which is why people should approach her recent Sun Journal letter with skepticism.

Adrienne said that Question 1 gives legislators power to pass laws retroactively. Retroactivity is well established in law and precedent already. She also claimed that other infrastructure would be impacted without clarifying that the Maine Constitution already covers those projects on public lands; Question 1 simply affirms that.

Adrienne knows this, but has chosen personal profit over the will of Mainers and is attempting to confuse voters.

Question 1 is a chance for the people of Maine to finally have a say in the NECEC corridor. They should vote yes on Question 1 to reject the corridor.

Rep. Jennifer Poirier, R-Skowhegan

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