WATCH - Political Brew: The Q1 campaign

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MAINE, USA — On Wednesday night, NEWS CENTER Maine presented a Voice of the Voter forum on question one, the effort to stop construction of the New England Clean Energy Connect, also known as the Central Maine Power transmission corridor, designed to bring electricity to the New England power grid.

Many voters have expressed confusion about what is at stake. Ethan Strimling is not sure the people involved in the forum offered much clarity.

"In the end," Strimling says, "it became very wonky. I don't think that serves CMP well. They have to make the case as to why this is a good idea, and that's really not coming across."

Phil Harriman says "I don't think they moved the needle. People were looking for understanding and clarity, and I think instead what they got was a lot of finger-pointing and confusion."

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  • Sandra Howard
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