Politics & Other Mistakes: Gutter watch

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Over the summer, some nasty stuff has accumulated in the political gutters. Let’s clean it out.

Hypocrisy watch: In December 2019, Adrienne Bennett, then a Republican congressional candidate in Maine’s 2nd District, told the Bangor Daily News she opposed Central Maine Power’s plan to build a transmission line through western Maine to bring Canadian power to Massachusetts. Bennett said she’d even signed a petition to put the project out to referendum, so she could vote against it.

Bennett lost the 2020 GOP primary, but recently resurfaced as spokeswoman for Mainers for Fair Laws, a political action committee sponsored by CMP to promote the same power corridor Bennett once opposed.

Or maybe she still does. Earlier this month, Bennett told the Bangor Daily she joined the PAC not for a fat paycheck, but because the ballot question would “empower politicians to target Maine people and businesses by making new laws that apply to events that happened legally in the past.” In a newspaper op-ed, she claimed the “dangerous and overreaching” referendum could be used to stop “landing strips, pipelines and railroad tracks.”

The referendum doesn’t actually give the government any new power over any of those things, but that shouldn’t bother Bennett. Before her ill-fated congressional bid, she was the mouthpiece for former GOP Gov. Paul LePage, so she’s well-versed in contradictions, half-truths and outright falsehoods.

To read about other topics addressed in this column not related to the corridor, go here: https://dailybulldog.com/opinion/politics-other-mistakes-gutter-watch/


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