Press Release: DEP suspends permit for CMP Corridor

Press Release: DEP suspends permit for CMP Corridor

All construction must cease immediately

AUGUSTA - Today DEP Commissioner Melanie Loyzim suspended the permit for the CMP Corridor. Her Order said:

Based on the above findings of facts, analysis and conclusions of law, I, Melanie Loyzim, Commissioner of the Maine Department of Environmental, effective immediately, hereby suspend Department Order #L-27625-26-A-N/L-27625-TG-B-N/L-27625-2C-C-N/L-27625-VP-D-N/L-27625-IW-E-N, dated May 11, 2020, unless and until:

A. A court grants NECEC Transmission LLC and Avangrid Networks, Inc’s. request for a preliminary injunction, and allows continued construction of the Project pending the final outcome of the case of NECEC Transmission LLC, et al. v. Bureau of Parks and Lands, et al.; or

B. If the court does not grant an injunction, final disposition of the legal challenge to the approval of the Referendum in favor of the NECEC Transmission LLC and Avangrid Networks, Inc.


Tom Saviello, the lead petitioner for Question 1, said," I would like to thank Commissioner Loyzim for stepping in to finally make CMP do the right thing. The people of Maine have spoken; thankfully, Commissioner Loyzim has heard them loud and clear. It's time for CMP to pack up and go home."

Sandi Howard, the volunteer Director of No CMP Corridor said, "On behalf of the 80,000 Mainers who initiated Question 1 and the 243,943 voters who supported it, I sincerely thank Commissioner Loyzim. CMP's actions since election day have been abhorrent, so this suspension was crucial."

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