PRESS RELEASE: Question 1 to become law on December 19

Governor Mills joins the call for NECEC to immediately halt construction

AUGUSTA - Governor Janet Mills today signed the proclamation certifying the results of the November 2nd election, and joined the call for CMP to immediately halt construction in deference to the will of Maine voters. 

In a letter to NECEC's Thorn Dickinson, Governor Mills said, "While the litigation remains pending before the Maine Superior Court, and while the DEP's independent evaluation proceeds, CMP has elected to continue construction of the project. While it is presently within CMP's legal right to do so, and while I have no legal authority to direct you to stop construction, your decision to forge ahead heedless of the clear will of Maine voters and the pending questions before the court and DEP I believe is disrespectful to Maine people..."

She continued, "While these matters are being considered by the DEP and the Court, I believe CMP should give deference to the will of the voters. On behalf of Maine people, I am asking you to honor their will by immediately halting any further construction on NECEC until the DEP and the Court reach their independent conclusions."

Tom Saviello, the lead petitioner said, "The way that CMP has conducted themselves in the days since the election is absolutely shameful and arrogant, and I'm glad that Governor Mills is  advocating for the 243,943 Maine voters who demand that CMP stop construction immediately."

Sandi Howard, the volunteer Director of No CMP Corridor said, "More than 80,000 Mainers signed to initiate Question 1, and it passed overwhelmingly on November 2nd. Mainers do not want high impact transmission lines through the Upper Kennebec Region, and they are concerned about the illegal lease that was granted to CMP for the NECEC project. We are thankful that Governor Mills has joined our calls for construction to stop. We continue to call on DEP Commissioner Loyzim to honor the pending law, the Maine Constitution and the will of the people by swiftly pulling the permit following Monday's public hearing."


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