Redman LTE: Vote yes on question 1 to get better deal

Kennebec Journal

The newspaper and all other media need to be honest with Mainers. The Question 1 vote on the corridor is confusing. Vote yes to ban the corridor.

We all hear the youth are leaving the state. A correct deal with CMP could enable families to all live in this wonderful land.

The elected politicians need to care about Mainers before anything else. Above-average, short-term jobs are great. But, then it’s over. To reject the corridor would enable Mainers to seek an annual percentage of the revenue created by this CMP deal. Billions of dollars will go through Maine and the only way to make it available is to charge an annual lifetime fee as a percentage of the dollars flowing over taxpayer land.

Vote yes to stop the corridor until Mainers receive a correct fee for services rendered for all eternity. Maine is precious, and the Mainers are more precious.

Peter Redman


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  • Sandra Howard
    published this page in News 2021-10-19 04:07:50 -0400