Rev. Sawyer LTE: Can foreign interests overrule the will of Maine people?

Bangor Daily News

It’s a sad day for the State of Maine! Leading up to the election, people were fretting over the word retroactive. Little did we know that the will of the people would basically die as soon as the polls closed. If the will of entities in Spain, Qatar and Quebec can overrule the people’s voice then I think there is no longer a State of Maine. Any government and any foreign company can apparently do whatever they want. The precedent is being set now. Iberdrola and its affiliates say they will continue construction.

Watch how this plays out because if Iberdrola isn’t stopped now, I worry everything we value will be stolen from us. Worried about climate change? People better worry about the precedent that is being set. It seems to me that tomorrow foreign powers could steal our mineral rights and our clean water. Who is going to stop a foreign interest from stealing our lobsters, blueberries and potato harvests?

People think their vote counts for something? What is to stop foreign interests from controlling who runs or who gets in? Gov. Janet Mills and every agency involved must do their part to stop construction now or kiss Maine goodbye. Greedy foreign powers are watching to see how easy it is.

Rev. Darien (Deke) Sawyer


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  • Mike Gilmore
    commented 2021-11-12 14:30:03 -0500
    Don’t tread on me!
  • Mike Gilmore
    commented 2021-11-12 14:27:59 -0500
    why is my post flagged? Am I not allowed to mention the 2nd amendment of the United States constitution in my comment?
  • Mike Gilmore
    commented 2021-11-12 14:21:32 -0500
    If necessary the 2nd amendment can return Maine to the people!
  • Sandra Howard
    published this page in News 2021-11-12 14:13:10 -0500