Ross LTE: Hold CMP accountable to the people they serve

Portland Press Herald

Concerning Question 1 on the Nov. 2 ballot, I write to those who had smart meter problems, overbilling dilemmas or threatening disconnect notices during the winter and were treated with disdain by Central Maine Power’s customer service representatives.

I also write to those who haven’t personally had to deal with these issues. I ask each of them this question: If your local beautician, carpenter, grocer or plumber treated you this way, would you continue to patronize their businesses? CMP is a subsidiary of a foreign-owned, international corporation.

We here in the state of Maine govern ourselves. It will take some length of time to determine how we purchase, manage and maintain a publicly owned electric company and grid. Denying CMP their corridor will not be the end of them, but I assure you it will send a resounding message to them that we will be holding them accountable until the end of their time with us.

Steve Ross
South Portland

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