Sheehan LTE: Hydro-Quebec letter hid truth about Indigenous relations

Lewiston Sun Journal

This letter is in response to claims made by Hydro-Quebec’s Matthew Boucher in his Sept. 17 letter on the crown corporation’s relations with Indigenous communities.

Over the last several years, the North American Megadam Resistance Alliance has witnessed Hydro-Quebec using its money and political clout to attempt to discredit our Indigenous allies whenever they speak up. Serge Abergel has been at the forefront of using HQ’s press machine to spin the company’s egregious history of cultural genocide of Indigenous people into something that it’s not.

HQ is adept at the divide and conquer attack strategy, pitting communities against each other.

We stand with our ally Lucien Wabanonik in his Sept. 12 response to Abergel’s false portrayal of HQ’s relations with Indigenous people. We will continue to elevate the voices of Indigenous people and frontline communities everywhere standing up and speaking truth to power. Especially when it comes to falsely portraying hydropower as clean and green energy.

As Wabinonik and others know, this is a myth, just like Abergel’s attempt to hide the truth about HQ’s history of Indigenous relations.

Margaret Sheehan

Lyme, New Hampshire

North American Megadam Resistance Alliance coordinator

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