These are America’s 10 worst states for infrastructure [Maine is #1]

A new federal infrastructure package from Capitol Hill can’t come a moment too soon for a nation whose basic underpinnings have kept crumbling as Washington, D.C., works on a deal.

It also comes at a time when infrastructure has taken on new importance as the nation emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic. Indeed, the very definition of infrastructure has been part of the most recent debate. The rise in remote work has put a new premium on broadband connectivity. Disastrous and deadly winter power outages in Texas exposed nationwide vulnerabilities in the electrical grid. And companies that are re-thinking their dense, urban environments are looking for places to spread out.

In CNBC’s 2021 America’s Top States for Business study, our Infrastructure category carries more weight than ever before — worth 15% of the total points. We rate the states on multiple components of their infrastructure, including roads and bridges, utilities, connectivity, sustainability, and sites available for development. Some states score highly on infrastructure.


These ten crumbling states are the most in need of help.

1. Maine

Storm damage in the lakes region as a large pine tree fell onto power lines.
Storm damage in the lakes region as a large pine tree fell onto power lines.
John Ewing | Portland Press Herald | Getty Images

Mainers are so frustrated with their state’s balky power grid that there is a move afoot to force the state’s three major electric utilities to sell their assets to a new, consumer-owned entity to be called “Pine Tree Power.” While it is unclear whether the move would solve the state’s power problems, it is easy to see why some are demanding action. No state suffers more frequent power outages than Maine does. Broadband service is readily available but expensive. Air travel options are limited, and the quality of roads and bridges leaves much to be desired.

2021 Infrastructure score: 103 out of 375 points (Top States Grade: F)

U.S. population within 500 miles: 48,912,930

Bridges in poor condition: 13%

Roads in unacceptable condition: 15%

Broadband access: 86.6%

Power outages per year: 15.1 hours

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