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On November 2nd, Mainers will go to the polls and decide the fate of the “New England Clean Energy Connect” project, or Question 1 on the ballot. In the final part of a two part series, NewsSource8′s Brian Bouchard talks with supporters of “Yes on 1″.

Last night we aired the first part of this series, and there was an error. We aired a slide explaining “Yes on 1″ over a an explanation of “No on 1″. We apologize for this mistake. The slide was corrected for later broadcasts and will be aired correctly in this story.

Question One is a referendum on the ballot about stopping the New England Clean Energy Connect project from continuing construction, and would require it to return to the legislature and receive a two-thirds majority before continuing. However, it also includes a clause about retroactivity, meaning that any other project, done between 2014 and now on public lands, even though they have approved permits, would also need to go before the legislature in order to be approved.

Senator Rick Bennett of Maine Senate District 19 is speaking in support of question 1 and had this to say about retroactivity.

“Well that is a canard. A total red herring. I just has appeared in the last couple of months as a concern of theirs. Frankly, they don’t want to talk about the corridor, they want to make this about anything but the CMP Corridor, because they know how deeply unpopular the project is, so they created this retroactivity issue, which is a non issue. The legislature already has power to make laws retroactive. I think the legislature has done it like 184 times in the last 20 years.” - Sen. Rick Bennett (R-Oxford) – Maine State Senate

Tom Saviello, Former State Senator for Maine Senate District 17, and volunteer for the “Yes on 1″ campaign had this to say.

“They’re lying. I’m going to be point blank with you. They’re lying. Number 1, it’s already in law. Title 1, section 302 clearly gives the legislature the ability to go back and enforce a law that wasn’t enforced. Since 2001 there have been 184 times the legislature has voted and acted on a retroactive issue, it’s already there. So them saying “Aww this is terrible, terrible” Bologna, its already in law it’s already been done” - Tom Saviello – Volunteer for “Yes on 1″

A “No” vote on question 1 would mean that the “New England Clean Energy Connect” project would continue construction as planned, and the clause about retroactively approving projects on public lands would not go into effect.

A “Yes” vote on question 1 would mean that the “New England Clean Energy Connect” project would cease construction, and the issue would go before the legislature, and would need to receive a 2/3 majority in-order to continue. It also means that any other projects on public lands, constructed between 2014 and now, would also have to go before the legislature are receive a 2/3 majority.

“On Tuesday, November 2nd, the state will head to the polls and ultimately they will be the ones to decide the fate of not only the “New England Clean Energy Connect” Project, but also many other projects that have already been approved.”

Brian Bouchard, NewsSource8

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