WATCH - Green Energy Scams: Maine

The second episode in a new series, Tucker Originals, was released on Fox Nation today. This episode features a number of Mainers who share Tucker's concern that the CMP Corridor is nothing more than a clean energy scam that will destroy a special part of Maine so two foreign-owned corporations can make billions.
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"For years now, Maine's small towns and citizens have been fighting tooth-and-nail against the CMP Corridor to protect an area that is so important to the culture, economy and environment," said Sandi Howard of No CMP Corridor. "It is so encouraging that this issue is now getting the national attention that it deserves. We would like to thank Tucker and Tom Saviello for providing a nonpartisan view of the destruction of the CMP Corridor, and the impact it is already having on local residents. People from all across the political spectrum agree that the CMP Corridor is a bad deal for Maine."
Tom Saviello said, "Thank you, Tucker Carlson, for taking the time to set politics aside and find the truth. This was a tremendous opportunity to get our message out."

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