The red line indicates where the New England Clean Energy Connect corridor would cross through Wilton into Chesterville. The two green areas labeled as WET-114-01 and WET114-02 are wetland areas that the high-transmission line would cross over. Screenshot of NECEC map

WILTON — The Planning Board on Thursday reviewed the New England Clean Energy Connect’s site plan application to erect five high-transmission poles in Wilton. The poles would be part of Central Maine Power Co.’s 145-mile corridor for transporting Hydro-Québec energy from Québec province in Canada to Massachusetts.

Wilton Code Enforcement Officer Charlie Lavin, middle, reviews a New England Clean Energy Connect map showing the proposed high-transmission line with Gerry Mirabile, left, of Central Maine Power Company and Environmental Scientist James P. Morin, right, on Thursday, Feb. 18, during a Planning Board meeting. Andrea Swiedom/Franklin Journal

The board completed the fact finding of the application and determined that it was complete. Before the board conducts a site plan review and approves the project, a public hearing will be held March 4 for residents to raise questions and concerns.