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CMP’s foreign owned parent companies and Hydro Quebec are forming new knock off companies and political action campaigns to confuse people about the issue at hand in November. Clean Energy Matters et al sound like something we should all get behind- don’t be fooled. HQ/CMP/Avangrid/Iberdola finance and form shell companies because CMP’s reputation is deservedly untrustworthy, and because they know they can not win a fair fight.

They must confuse, defect and obfuscate to stand any chance. This is the new political reality we face in Maine- foreign owned businesses pulling out all the disingenuous propaganda tactics known to be effective, even if those tactics are unscrupulous and lacking validation. HQ and CMP are literally spending tens of millions to convince Mainers to approve a highly unpopular project. While our grassroots opposition marches on, donating our own time and money because we know what’s on the line.

In some ways, it really comes down to what you envision for the future of Maine. Do we want to be an energy conduit for the heavily populated and industrial centers of southern New England, where all the profits go to foreign companies and the benefits to people outside of Maine. Or do we envision a future where the clean waters and mountain views cohabitate with the working forest to keep Maine unique in its lack of infrastructure and where those tourist and forestry dollars stay here in Maine where they belong. The more development encroaches, the more unique and valuable these resources will become. I don’t think it’s hard to predict what visionaries like Percival Baxter and future generations of Mainers would or will be thankful for- a Maine that has managed to keep its identity in a world that largely has not. Vote YES to reject the CMP Corridor in November, for the future of Maine.

Darryl Wood
New Sharon

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