York LTE: CMP can’t run Maine grid, shouldn’t add NECEC

The column by David Flanagan, Central Maine Power’s chairman, that recently ran in your paper (“CMP is on the team for Maine’s renewable-energy future,” Feb. 23) was truly something else. My first thought, when reading it, was “Dear God. They can’t manage the grid they have now, yet they want to cut our state in two with a major for-profit corridor to deliver power through our state to benefit Massachusetts?”

Ironically, Flanagan used phrases like “natural beauty” and “unspoiled outdoor recreational opportunities” to describe what makes our state so special without acknowledgment that CMP’s unpopular corridor project would forever destroy one of the most iconic areas of Maine.

CMP has spent tens of millions of dollars to convince Mainers that New England Clean Energy Connect is a good idea when Flanagan himself admits that the company is totally overwhelmed by their existing infrastructure. It’s no wonder this company is so distrusted. Please join me in voting “yes” this November to reject the CMP corridor.

Theresa York

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  • Sandra Howard
    published this page in News 2021-02-28 05:42:32 -0500